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The 14-Day Mind, Body, and Home Detox Challenge includes daily emails packed with ideas, inspiration, and guidance. Here's the schedule, which you can choose for any two-week period that works for you:

  • Day 1: prep day!
  • Days 2 - 4: a mind detox to reflect on self-care practices, improve your self-talk, and remove mental stressors in your life.
  • Days 5 - 9: a 5-day gentle body detox to nourish yourself with whole foods and reduce cravings for sugar and processed foods. You’ll receive a meal plan and grocery list that’s customizable for your own needs and preferences.
  • Days 10 - 13: a 4-day home detox to take practical steps toward reducing chemicals and toxins in your household.
  • Day 14: a closing day of reflection and goal setting.

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    This challenge is hosted by The Gluten Free Vegetarian (, a blog providing recipes and meal planning resources to support your wellness.